High-Tech New Generation Mesogun

mpgun is designed for safe and comfortable mesotherapy and PRP injections. The ability to needle every area at the same depth to administer medication exactly as planned makes mesotherapy a 100% safe practice.

What Makes mpgun So Special?

Perfect Accuracy

The Most Effective and Efficient Application

Aiming at perfection in application and productivity, mpgun does not waste even a single drop during practice with its cutting mechanism. It stays focused on perfection while performing the most effective and efficient mesotherapy possible in every session.

Pen & Gun Performance

  • Up to 1500 Strokes/Min. in Pen Mode.
  • Up to 700 Strokes/Min. in Gun Mode.
  • Adjustable Depth between 0.5mm and 10mm.

Need More Speed?

The Fastest of its Kind in the World

mpgun allows automatic and quick medication needling during mesotherapy treatment. Frequent scanning ability and adjustable dosing makes mpgun a natural choice for quick, painless and woundless results.

High Comfort For Doctors And Patients

Dare For More

Guaranteeing painless practice, mpgun boasts high performance in a highly secure package. The user-friendly mpgun allows you to effectively use your time and resources. A special design which prioritizes comfort offers you much more than what you can expect from a mesogun.

User Friendly & Special Design

An Aesthetic Body for Aesthetic Treatment

Inevitably aesthetic in looks, the mpgun is all for beauty. You can monitor all aesthetic procedures being applied with mpgun on its integrated LCD screen. The mpgun has ten memory slots that can record your protocols.

Very Light and Very Versatile

Easy to maneuver in a light body, the mpgun is also highly versatile. It can carry out your whole operation itself and never requires any complementary device. It also includes a CE & FDA registered gun and needle kit.

The extremely accurate, state-of-the-art mpgun comes in a package complete with the mpgun Carrying Case and the mpgun Stand for ultimate convenience.