Facial Injection Mannequin

Aisha is very useful in the field of Aesthetic Medicine to explain the treatment to be applied to the patient in professional practice for injectable facial treatments and hair mesotherapies.

AISHA The Ultimate Injection Training Tool

Looking to perfect your injection techniques in aesthetic medicine? Look no further than Aisha, the hyper-realistic head model that has been individually crafted by professional makeup artists using permanent makeup tecniques. Don’t settle for subpar practice tools invest in Aisha for the ultimate injection training experience.

Next Generation Technology for a Timeless Beauty

Beauty cannot be measured, but MPGUN records your working values with a special software for perfect beauty. It performs all of your operations at the same exact values which you set. MPGUN saves you precious time in your journey to creating the timeless beauty.

Infinite Speed in the Revival of Beauty

Able to work at a tremendously high speed, MPGUN is your best choice in the revival of beauty. The pioneer of the ultimate mesotherapy treatment, MPGUN is the guaranteed best for the best in their work.

It All Starts with One Choice

It all starts with one choice: The choice, which will bring you the extremely accurate, cutting-edge MPGUN for ultimate convenience.