We Don’t Keep Up with Technology, We Invent It

Biopark Medical started its original and distinctive journey of beauty in the field of medical aesthetics in 2018 in İstanbul.

It is a medical technology company, which develops and manufactures high-performance products with its long-established and strong R&D. Its main target isn’t catching up the technology, it is inventing the new generation of technology.

So that Biopark Medical always leads to technological innovations and new trends in medical aesthetics.

Our Biggest Advantage is Our Understanding of Quality

We take every step required for high quality standards in our journey to perfection. Because quality is inherent in us; it is what informs our work. It is the natural outcome since we design and check, and recheck every detail of our work, meticulously.

Human health is our most important priority. We are a proven environmentally-friendly company with MPGUN, which sucessfully passed environmental tests and evaluations required at international standards. With the USA Health Department FDA registered, which is renewed annually, we have earned the unshakable long-term reliability in every step we take towards the future.

Our CE Certificate is also a difference-maker in the technologies which we bring in Europe. We are also ISO 13485-certified for management, which implements the total quality system aimed at security and comfort for our staff.

As the creators of MPGUN, the mesogun with the highest standards in its own class, we are global pioneers in every facet of our understanding of quality.